Sunday, October 21, 2012


Hey guys!

I've had a nights sleep now, so I'm ready to tell you a little about my journey!
My first flight was great! I had a window seat and the rows at the window is only to chairs, and the chair beside me didn't fill up so I could almost lay down! The movies were good, food was okay and in general everything was fine.

When I got to Toronto I decided to take it easy. That was a stupid mistake! I thought I had to go pick up my bags then go through immigration but it was the other way around!
So I got to immigration and there were like five people ahead of me but it took like 45 minutes to get through and when I finally got to the baggage claim the screen didn't even show where the baggage from my flight had come out anymore.

So I had to ask where my baggage would have come out. Turns out it was the farthest away so I had to run down there and drag my bags all the way back to the entrance, then check them in and run to my gate where the people then informs us that our cabin crew had yet to arrive with only 5 minutes to boarding ...

My flight to Vancouver was not so good though. I was exchausted and couldn't wait to get to Vancouver so I tried sleeping but it wasn't easy :(
I finally got to Vancouver and luckily my bags came out quickly so I just went and got a cab to the hostel.

The people at the hostel were really nice and helped me out with my bags and gave me a Working Holiday Club package containing a map of the city, a welcome letter, a free beer card, a TWHC bracelet and some other things. When I finally got to my room I just crashed.

This morning I woke up to all the beds in the room filled up and when I introduced myself two of the girls went like "Vibe? From the Working Holiday Club?". It turns out that they're going to Whistler too! So we had breakfast together and decided to go out together. We went shopping at the drugstore, ate lunch at Subway because I never get to go to Subway in Denmark, and then we went to Stanley Park!

Stanley Park was so incredibly beautiful so we spent almost all day there. We saw the totem poles, chased geese, walked around the shore side, met a beautiful dog with different eye colors, decided that we should go to Vancouver Aquarium tomorrow and eventually decided it was time to go home before heading back to a halloween themed event in the Park.

Turns out we're not as good at getting around as we thought. We ended up getting so lost and almost walked right back into the park! So we decided to just eat dinner and then go back to the park where we had tickets for a ghost train. We found this amazing Japanese restaurant which was so good and so cheap and we ate so much, haha :)

Then we went back to the park where we got on the ghost train which was a kids train driving around a halloween edition of old fairy tales. It was so pretty and also a little morbid sometimes ... The girls wanted to get a pumpkin so we stayed and carved a pumpkin, which eventually was named Pete the Party Pumpkin.
Then the cold weather got the best of us and we decided to head home. This time asking the busdriver where we should get off the bus, haha.

I actually went straight to bed when we got home which was at 8pm in Canada, but was later awokened by drunk irish guys shouting in the hall and my roomies trying to make them shut up, haha!
So I figured I might as well write my entry now that it's 1 in the morning and not as many people are using the internet.

So yeah that was my first day here! I'm gonna upload some pictures when the internet will allow me. Until then you're gonna have to settle with just text :)
Tomorrow we're going to go to the Vancouver Aquarium which I'm so excited about!
I hope all my danish friends are having a good time back home, because I'm having the time of my life already and I'm sensing this is going to be some crazy 7 months ahead of me!

Want to do what I'm doing next year?

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