Saturday, October 6, 2012

The adventure begins

Hello world,

and welcome to the adventure that is about begin in my life!

My name is Vibe (yup, weird danish name, try [Vi-be], haha) and I live in Denmark. Well, for the next two weeks at least. Here is my story:

Ever since I took my first turn on the snowboard, I knew I had to do that a lot more.
When I got back from that holiday I sat right down with the computer and found the resort of my dreams. Whistler Blackcomb.
I don't know why, I just know that that was it - and it still is.
With the help of The Working Holiday Club my dream is finally coming true.

I was 13 years old then. Now I'm 19 and two weeks away from the biggest step I have ever taken.
In 13 days I will be standing in the airport. Bags packed, snowboards shipped, saying my goodbyes to friends and family, and hello to the next seven months, which I believe will be the best months of my life.

When I say the best months of my life, I mean it. And you will get to see why. Which is why I made a list. I'm calling it my teenage bucket list:

  • Move out
  • Move to Canada 
  • Snowboard an entire season
  • Snowboard to work
  • Work an awesome job
  • Use my lunch break for snowboarding
  • Get friends for life
  • Get friends from all over the world
  • Go to my first ever after ski party 
  • Eat my weight in Tim Horton doughnuts
  • Take my first lap in the fun park 
  • Do my first 360 while maintaining the natural color of my butt 
  • Make people try danish food and laugh at them ;)
  • Experience holidays in Canada
  • Coming home wanting to go back 
And those are only like half of the things that excites me about going! I am stoked beyond limits. It has gotten to the point where there are no more snowboard videos I haven't seen on youtube.
It is the only thing I talk about and at the moment there is nothing that I'm doing which is not directly related to going to Canada.

   This is my favourite at the moment. Torstein Horgmo killing it and being super funny at the same time. :D
Might also be due to the fact that I have a teeny tiny crush on him, haha! 

This is my dream. And I honestly don't think that I could have done it without the Working Holiday Club.
I've never experinced people go beyond really good customer service to make sure that my dream was is safe hands. But now I have!
I would recommend going with the Working Holiday Club to anyone asking for my advice. Simply because I could not have felt in more safe hands than with the Working Holiday Club.

From emails, to visa applications, to doubts to job interviews - the Working Holiday Club was there, constantly making sure I was prepared.
Basically all I had to do was check my email, show up to my interview and try to not get cramps in my cheeks from smiling so much.

So yeah, that was my first entry in this blog. I am so excited and I hope I will one day be reading this and thinking about what an awesome season that came my way.

Thank you for reading!
I'm going to go rewatch some snowboard videos now ;)

Want to do what I'm doing next year?

UK Arrivals, Recruitment & Orientations
Andrew Stewart
Tel:  07449 138871
Skype: andrewstewartTWHC

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  1. Hi Vibe! Just found out your blog. Happy that there is also other "Scandis" going to Canada. Hope to see you in Whistler and maybe go riding together. Will fly out in 4th of Nov! Take care! 'Katri
    ps. Btw, what job you got ?