Friday, October 19, 2012

This is it!

My dream is now acutally coming true!

It is Friday the 19th of October and it's 10.20 am danish time. I'm sitting in the airport watching the planes take off. Half an hour ago I said goodbye to my mom, dad, little sister, grandma and grandpa.

It's hard to tell how I'm feeling right now actually.. I'm sad I had to say goodbye to my family, but I can't stop smiling knowing that I'm on my way to what I've wanted to do for so long.

Here are some pictures of my travel so far:

This is my bag a week ago

This is my bag yesterday afternoon

This is how I thought I'd travel

Untill I couldn't zip my bag and it weighed twice as much as I'm allowed to bring.
I had to pay for an extra bag, haha. 

This is how it looked this morning. My two bags and my rucksack for carry on. 

And this is the sunrise when we drove to the airport. 

So yeah, right now I'm sitting in the airport watching the plans take off. There's an hour until my plane begins to board so I'm just sitting here watching and writing. I'll be flying to Toronto first where appearently I have to pick up my bags, drag them through custom and immigration then check in one more time. Kind of silly.  

Then I'll be flying to Vancouver where I'll be arriving around 8 pm BC-time. When I get to the airport all I have to do is take a cab, get to the Samesun Hostel and sleep for a VERY long time :) 

I think this is it for the first entry of my journey - I think I'll be writing again when I'm in Toronto if I have time. Now I'll go back to watching the planes. Just like me and my dad used to every time we flew together :) 

and now for a message to my family (in danish :D): 
Jeg lover at jeg nok skal passe godt på mig selv, skrive mange sms'er om hvordan det går og sende jer billeder og videoer hele tiden. Jeg elsker jer meget højt og kommer til at savne jer meget :) Kram og kys!

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