Monday, October 8, 2012

Something about me

Okay, so I was thinking maybe you should get to know me a little!

As I already mentioned my name is Vibe, and it's weird. So weird that once, when someone dared me to change my facebook name into something more inappropriate, Facebook wouldn't let me change it back to Vibe. I guess my name just sends out bad vibes ... No, sorry for the lame pun, haha!

I'm 19 years old (turning 20 in Canada!!) and I live in a medium sized (I guess that would be small for people not living in Denmark) city half an hour north of the capital of Denmark, Copenhagen. If you dare pronounce it, here's the name: Hillerød.
Since I was two years old Hillerød has been my home.

I've tried almost every sport there is, but eventually settled on classical ballet. I loved it and actually wanted to become a ballet dancer. I stopped dancing three years ago even though I sometimes miss it terribly.
I think I love ballet and snowboarding equally, though ballet never hurt me as much as snowboarding did, haha:)

Speaking of snowboarding, I want to show you my two snowboards which I will be bringing with me to Canada!

These are my snowboards. On the left is my newest snowboard. It's a Bataleon Evil Twin with Union Flite bindings. My parents gave it to me last Christmas (pretty awesome parents, huh? (or should I say Eh??)). On the right is a snowboard that a family friend gave to me right afte my first snowboard vacation because his son had outgrown it. 

I currrently have 10 days left in Denmark before leaving for Canada. I will be flying with AirCanada through Toronto and then arriving in Vancouver on October 19! Then Samesun Hostel will be my temporary home while I arrange my SIN-number, bank account and phone plan. Finally on the 25th I will be able to call Whistler my new home!! :)

Until two days before leaving I'm working a job in a kindergarten, which I must admit I kind of love. I used to say I didn't like kids, but that was until I started this job. Now I can't stop talking about them, haha:) Which is good because I really need to be there a lot in order to earn some money for my adventure! And as you can see, today I taught the babies to give me high fives, so it's pretty awesome.

I think you know pretty much all you need to know about me now. I could go on and on about how excited I am, but I think I'm gonna save that entry for the day before leaving, haha :) Thanks for reading, and don't forget to subscribe :) 

Want to do what I'm doing next year?

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