Saturday, October 13, 2012

Preparations and going away party

Hi readers!

So this week has just flown away, and it feels like yesterday I was preparing for my last full week at work. Now it's saturday morning, I haven't really slept well and I gave up after 5 hours of trying.
I'm not sure if it's because it kind of hit me last night. I'm really going!

I had a going-away party last night for my gymnasium class and it was great seeing people again. We laughed and caught up with each other and they all hugged me and told me to have a great time when they left, so I think I'm really beginning to understand that I will be in Canada by this time next week!!

I had made jell-o shots for the guests, which turned out okay! I usually don't really succeed when trying to make them, haha :D They were all gone within an hour so I guess people liked them. I even dared eating two myself! 

 This is my friend eating one of the jell-o shots. Took the picture for proof that they were edible, haha :)

Oh, and two of my friends were so sweet, they gave me a present!!
Stine and Line (also weird danish names ;) ) wanted to give me something that I could bring with me to Canada, so this is what they gave me:
(From the left)
A bag of danish liqourice called Salty Fish. They are so gooood, but appearently only danes like it.
A packet of dip-mix for chips (because we're not sure if Canada will be providing this, so they had to make sure I would have dip if I needed it, haha :D)
The two last bags are spices for some danish christmas cookies. Since Canada doesn't have this and christmas just isn't christmas without these cookies, Stine and Line has made sure I will be able to bake them myself. The cookies are called "Brown cookies" and "Pepper nuts", haha. 

Stine and Line, if you're reading this I want you to know that the present made me very happy. It was very sweet of you, so thank you so much! I will be thinking of you guys with every bite of my present, haha :D Tak! (Thanks in danish)

This week I've also tried to get my things ready. I printed out all of the documents I will be needing and sorted them in a folder. I also finally bought the shipment for my snowboards. They will be picked up on tuesday and then shipped to staff housing in Whistler, who promised that they would store them for me until I arrive - so nice of them. 

I think that now I just need to begin my packing and then my adventure finally begins! Okay, it actually already has begun with all the planning and all the brochures and videos The Working Holiday Club has been sending me the last half year, haha :D

I guess that that was it for now! I think I'm going to start packing my stuff today, yay!
Have a great day everyone :)

Oooh, and Whistler Blackcomb just posted a picture of the peak. SNOW HAS FALLEN!!! 

Want to do what I'm doing next year?

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