Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Take off in three days!

Hey guys! :)

Today was my last day at work. As I mentioned earlier, I've been working in a kindergarten, and truth is it was terrible saying goodbye to all those cute faces! It still can't overshine how excited I am that I'm leaving in three days though I did need just a little moment of tears, haha :)

Today is also the day that my snowboards were picked up for shipment! I wasn't home when they picked it up, but my mom says there were some problems, but he brought them with him anyways, so hopefully everything will be alright!

Whistler Blackcomb also just posted this picture on their facebook site:

SNOW HAS FALLEN!!! Which means that my workplace is beginning to look like something, and that I am SO stoked that I will be there next week!!! 

Next week at this time I will probably be sitting in the bar in the Samesun hostel listening to Julia and Andrew from the Working Holiday Club helping all us newcomers through applying for SIN-number, bank accounts and phone plans. They will be at the Samesun from next monday and two weeks ahead helping all us newbies in big scary Vancouver, haha :) 

Oh, and my parents are really beginning to panic about me leaving, and this is the result: 
They took me and my sister out for goodbye-brunch this sunday, which was so nice and really delicous too :)
And well, it doesn't stop there!
Right now my parents are cooking christmas dinner because they won't be able to come visit me for christmas, and I can't go home to visit either. I think it's really cute that they're doing it, and christmas food is so goooood, so I'm excited about dinner tonight ;) 

One of my best friends, Linea, is coming to visit me after dinner and I'm looking forward to seeing her as well :D But I think I'll go help with the christmas cooking now :) 

Thanks for reading! 

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