Monday, November 5, 2012

1 week into Whistler

I know it's been a while since I last posted, and I don't really have any excuse, haha. I have been doing nothing at all!

I wanted to go to Whistler before I started working, but it turns out that having a 4 people apartment to yourself is really boring, and that it's not so funny walking around town completely on your own too. So I spent most of last week in the apartment skyping with friends and family, grocery shopping and watching tv when I finally bought the cable for the tv.

Monday was a big day for me because Torstein Horgmo's mockumentary called Horgasm a love story came out. It's an amazing movie and I've watched it three times since.

Wednesday was Halloween, and after much consideration I decided I had to experience Halloween. I was dressed as a spider web and went with Hannah down to the common room in building 7 which is the building right across the street from mine. I got 7% ciders and porbably had a little too much so the rest of the night is a blur. I do remember huge amounts of people dressed up dancing in a club.

Chloe and Kathryn, my two australian friends and also my adoptive parents, finally came on friday. We wanted Chloe to come live in my apartment, but we were told that everyone was already allocated, so we have to call back in a few weeks. I did get two new roommates though! It's a couple and they're sharing a room with bunk beds so it really sucks for them. They're really nice, but I'm not sure they're staying because naturally they will want a double bed if they can get one.

We went out friday to celebrate them coming so we ate at Furniture Warehouse Restaurant which has 5 dollar meals, so that is awesome. Will definitaly be coming back there on wednesdays as they have 25cents wings on wednesdays!

I went to a sporting store and found this really cute canucks baby outfit. Too bad I don't know anyone that I could send it to, haha

Yesterday Chloe texted me and asked me if I wanted to come play beer pong in her apartment in Brio. Of course I wanted to so they picked me up in car after their information session at the cabin, and we drove to the market to get beer, cups and pingpong balls, then we went to Chloes and made dinner. I met her roommates Luke and Gus who are both sponsored.

My very first game of beer pong.

Gus has had many seasons here so he gave us all the tips and tricks.Kathryn came down a little later to hang out with us. Then we played beer pong which was awesome. I think my team won, but I'm not sure, haha!
The rest of the night went with haning out in the couch talking and watching Horgasm which Luke had on his computer as he is a snowboarder too.

Today is sunday the 4th. We weren't hungover this morning but me and Chloe decided to go out to eat anyways, so we went to Tapleys and ate brunch buffet, which was delicious. Then we met up with Kathyn in the village and we all went back to Glacier to get Chloe and Kat checked into the Cabin and to get me home to a shower.

My delicious brunch from this morning.

In about half an hour I have my info session. It's a meeting where the lifties get to meet their supervisors and we get our training schedule and that kind of stuff. I'm really excited about it and I can't wait to get started on work - especially after talking to Gus who seems to think that lifty is the best job in the world.

Ok, well that was a lot of news! I'm going to get ready for the info session now. I'll be back with more information about the traning to become a lifty soon!
Life is amazing here and I'm already plotting on becoming a permanent citizen here. Sorry, mom and dad <3

Just a little update. Whistler Blackcomb wrote us a week ago and asked us what we wanted on our nametag. We couldn't pick nicknames, but I went ahead and asked for my nickname anyways and this is the result. It's awesome! 

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