Wednesday, November 7, 2012

First real day of training

Today is tuesday and I finally had my first real day of training. Sunday we had that meeting where they informed us about everything that was going to happen.
We met a few people and I got my awesome nametag.

Yesterday we went and got our uniforms and filled out a sheet about our abilities and preferences on lifts and that kind of stuff. My uniform looks like this (even though the picture is really bad):

Today I had to get up at 7 which was not fun since I'd gotten used to sleep until 9am. We met at 18 below at 8 and had a indoor session from 8-12. To be honest it was really boring. We had to go through a lot of formalities and just had to sit and listen for a looooooong time, when all I wanted to do was be outside by the lifts and learn. 

We got a lunch break from 12-1 so we went back and ate then. At 1 we met outside 18 below again and finally we got to go outside! We had to go to different locations and learn different stuff. It was interesting but also a very long day. 

I was supposed to meet Chloe and Kathryn at the furniture warehouse for tacos and hockey but I was just so tired that I decided to just stay at home. I made noodles which I spilled on my lap three times. Now I'm just watching tv with my roommates and plotting on getting a bowl of reese puffs or maybe a pop tart or a reese cup. I'm going to get fat but I REALLY love these things, haha. Hopefully the lifty job will keep me just a little fit despite my addictions for reese and pop tarts...... 

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