Sunday, November 11, 2012

It's been too long....

... Since I posted the last time! Because so many things have happened! So this will be a very long entry, but I'll try and make it more fun by throwing in random photos that I've taken.

Last time I wrote was about my first day of training. Well, here's a resume about the rest of the week:

Monday was not a real day of training. We got to pick up our uniform at fill out at paper about abilities and preferences.
 This is what Whistler mountain looked like monday morning

Tuesday included an indoor session which was loooong and not so interesting, but also an outdoor session where we got our hands on what we will actually do the next 6 months.

This is a parking lot and Blackcomb mountain covered in clouds monday afternoon when I met up with Chloe and Kat. 

Wednesday started out with an outdoor session which was a continuation of tuesdays outdoor session. We had to go around to different locations in Whistler and learn about different kind of aspects of the lifty job.
Our first location was at the bottom of a chairlift and the subject of that session was "Hangers". Hangers are the people that for some reason didn't get on the chairlift properly and are now hanging from it. We had to practise emergency procedures and needed some volunteers.  A guy from my team and myself volunteered, and it was actually a lot of fun. We had to climb up a ladder to the chair which was kind of scary, and then we had to wait for our rescue team to come pick up the fire blanket so they could save us. We then got to jump from 2-3 meters up high and into the blanket.

I kind of messed up but not on purpose! The rescue team had to count to three and by that time I should have climbed out from the chairlift and was supposed to just hang from my arms curled up into a little ball. But it had rained the night before so all the pipes were wet and cold and well, they only made it to somewhere between 1 and 2 before I fell because I couldn't hang on. The good thing is I had a really good rescue team that managed to catch me anyways! And it was actually a lot of fun because I didn't actually plan to drop so it surprised me as much as everyone else :)

Later that day we had an indoor session again which was as indoor sessions are. Not as much fun.
Thursday started out with one more outdoor session. This time we got to go halfway up the mountain which was really fun and interesting and I think we all kind of felt like VIPs for getting to go up there. We followed the same program as the other days with different kind of stations that we had to go to and learn about different stuff. That was interesting as well.

This is Blackcomb mountain from the same spot thursday on our lunch break. The three guys are all lifties and I thought that it looked pretty good with the idientical uniforms. We often have to walk though the village in big groups, and since we're required to wear or uniforms at all times during training and work, we get a lot of looks from tourists.

After our lunch break we had our first season orientation which was a lot of sitting down and listening, but they managed to make it more interesting because of a lot of candy throwing, haha :) (They would ask question and throw a chocolate bar at the one who could answer correctly)

Friday went with hanging out with Chloe with whom I had a sleep over with from thursday to friday. We went and discovered Function Junction which was not as much fun as expected though we did find Bounce (a place with trampolines and foam pitches that you can jump into) and the most amazing little bakery. So we're definitely going back there some time.

I REALLY want a car like this (or maybe a little bigger, haha)

 And well, the price isn't too bad. PLEAASSEEE, dad? <3 <3 <3
I think we all agree on this one! 

Saturday was a BIG day! It was Wal-mart day!! Me and my two roomies Gabbi and York got up ealy to catch the free bus to Squamish. They didn't sign up but managed to get on the bus anyways.
We bought everything that we needed for the apartment and even a little christmas tree in plastic! I also bought an unbelievable amount of food because it's so much cheaper than in Whistler.
All in all I spent almost 400 bucks and is now finally really settled into the apartment with brand new pots and pans, a tub mat so we won't slip and fall and so much more.

The view from the bus to Squamish

Saturday was also the day that Chloe finally got permission to move into my apartment!!! She'd been put in an apartment with three Canadian 18-year olds and that was just too much for her to handle. She wrote an email to house and they finally let her move in with me! So when we had unpacked from the wal-mart trip, Chloe came with all of her stuff (and that is A LOT!!!!)  and moved into my room. I'm making her clean today because it's soo messy right now even though I cleaned the room to perfection so she could move in, haha.

More views on the way to Squamish

We (or Chloe wanted, but forced me to come with her) wanted to go out at night. We got ready at eight and just sat and hung out with our roomies while we drank some cider which is really cheap and decent tasting. We went down to Whistler at ten and was bombardet by drunk guys that flocked around us because Chloe was so clever as to bring a flash light for the walk into the village. When we finally got there we spent like half an hour in queue to a night club called Garfinkels. The entrance fee was 6 dollars and then you had to go down and pay 4 to put you jacket in the wardrobe.

On the way to Squamish. Sea to Sky highway - do it before you die, it's worth it. 

We decided that we didn't want to spend that much money, so we walked out of that club and wanted to find something else. Turns out we made the bigget mistake of our life in Whistler when we decided to go out on a saturday. The village was filled with what the locals call Vancouver-Girls. This is girls wearing teeny tiny cocktail dresses and VERY high heels walking around the streets in just that (and minus 7 degrees) and cutting the queues because they're slutty and the doormen falls for it.

Eventually I got really pissed at the vancouver-girls and the extremely high cover charges (18-20 dollars just to get in) and we went and bought pizza then took the free bus home. We crashed in front of the tv for 20 minutes then went to bed.

On the way and in Squamish.

Right now it's sunday morning, I woke up early because I'm sick and Chloe is the loudest snorer in the entire world. I've watched a danish tv show that I really like (and good-guy streams it online for free) and now I'm so starving that I might go out and make some breakfast.

I promised my mom and dad to skype with them later on today since it's a kind of holiday in Denmark and my grand parents are coming over for dinner, so we can all skype. That is pretty much the plan for today. I think I might try to read my entire lifty manual today too, since we have exams coming up wednesday and thursday and I'm terrified of not passing the test.

Well, that was it for this time. I'll try and blog more frequently so it wont always be entries this long, but no guarantee since I love being here so much I'm actually considering becoming a citizen here (Denmark only gets a 1 year visa ONE time per person). haha :) I hope you're all well, dear readers, because I'm having the time of my life! :)

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