Monday, November 19, 2012

First real day of snowboarding!!!

TODAY WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Woke up to snow outside again today. It's been raining all week so that in it self was awesome.
I really wanted to go snowboarding but my roommates girlfriend wasn't sure if she wanted to go. We convinced her and she told us later that it was worth it.

After spending a long time in the village getting her staff pass and renting skis for her, we finally caught the gondola up. It started snowing as soon as we got a few hundred meter up the hill, and everything was covered in white.

We finally got up there and I had the best day ever. There was so much snow, so few people and everything was just pure awesome!!!
I don't think I can ever come home! I love this place, this new life and I love the snow and snowboarding, life is truly fantastic here :) I am so happy!!!

Just a few pics of today 

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