Friday, January 25, 2013


SO sorry it's been so long!

I don't even remember what I wrote about last time, haha.

But I guess that no news are still good news, right? Anyway!
I never have the time to write because I'm having too much fun ;)

Sooo, bld. 2, room 409:
Nothing new really. We have all gotten into habits by now. Whenever I work both Gabbi and York gets up at the same time because they start about the same time as me. I'm back at 7.15 starts (guess they forgot to put me back after my arm injury) and I get up at 6. Spend half an hour trying to wake up, then half an hour panicking to get ready to leave at 7.  Just when I'm about to leave as the last one, Chloe wakes up.

I'm usually the first one to be home so I have about an hour to myself from 4 until York comes home as the sencond one. Then Gabbi, then Chloe. When I get home from work, I'm usually so tired that I crash on the couch for an hour, cook or eat left overs around 5 because I get hungry then, then go to my bed and crash for a bit there and then I finally give up around 9 and go to bed. It is not uncommon that I nap for an hour around 7-8 until 9 when I wake up and go to bed, haha.

So awesome, never leaving. It's still the same though.
Meet at 7.15, chat a bit with Kieran, listen to the morning meeting, ride down to Wizard, Wizard up to Solar, help set up (but start up crew has gotten so good at it that we never have to help anymore), Solar up to Catskinner. Meet our Whistler guy (because so many people were fired from Blackcomb that Whistler has to send people over)/third guy, set up top of Catskinner because the third one never knows what to do, ride to the bottom with Kieran, set up maze for an hour, Kieran does the line check and I start out at the bottom and then the day has started around 9.15am.
From then on we do breaks until 2pm, then the lift is open until 3pm, I usually end at the top because no one knows how to close down the machinery.
That takes about 20 min, then I ride to the bottom where I meet Kieran and the third guy and we ride to Solar where they either send us home or make us dig snow.

Has gotten a lot better! About three weeks ago I slammed my knees into a box and some pretty interesting swelling and bruises did occur, haha. They're all gone now though and my park riding has gotten so much better :)
Last weekend was spent in the terrain garden. I hit a few boxes and jumps 50-50 and straight aired, but stuck to things that I had already done before because I'm a chicken.
When I was riding up Catskinner though, the stupid lift broke down and I got stuck there for half an hour just around closing time! At first I was really, really annoyed, but it turned out to be an awesome thing. When I finally got off everyone had left the mountain and I went to the terrain garden which was empty. For some reason I suddenly had a lot of courage and ended up hitting the "big" jump line finishing with a hib. I landed everything I hit and I felt so good about myself, haha.

Today is friday and my plan for the weekend is to do 180's off of boxes, 180's from kickers, maybe try a 360 of a kicker and definitely try and hit the smallest kicker in the XL park :) I'm very excited and my mind is set on getting a LOT better from now on!

I guess you may have figured by now that I kind of always choose snowboarding over parties.
It doesn't happen too much, but I do go out like once a week/ever other week.
It's usually at Moe Joes because we can get in on guest list so we dont have to pay. I do like partying, but the growers just really gets you and I'm always so pumped for riding when it's finally my weekend that I just want to sleep and get up really early, haha :)
It's always better to go out when you have to work, but working with a hang over is the absolute worst thing I know so I usually just choose snowboarding...

I can't really come up with anything else to update about right now. If you do want me to write about anything specifically, please comment or message me on facebook or something so I can do something about it. It would probably make my entries a lot more interesting too, haha.

Now I think it's time for me to go enjoy that I have weekend!
Have fun guys :)

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