Friday, December 14, 2012


It's been so long since I posted last time. I'm so sorry! There's so much to do and so little time to write blog, haha.
Anyways, I'll try to cover everything that has happened to me since last post.

Bld. 2, #409
My roommates are my Whistler family. Gabbi and York are the parents (Gabbi proved this by walking into me and Chloes room in the middle of one of my cough fits (I'm sick at the moment) with cough sirup - she would not even let me pour it myself) and Chloe is my big sister who lovingly looks out for me while never letting an opportunity of picking on me go by.

                                                              It's christmas in room 409

Is so good. I'm seriously never leaving. Here's why:
When your office view is this, you don't ever quit that job

I have been placed on the lift that I wanted the most for the season, so I am as happy as it gets.
The lifts name is Catskinner. Catskinner is my baby. It's right next to the pro's park so there are always people coming down again and again that you can have nice conversations with. And cool tricks to watch when no one is at the lift. 
Apparently I am good at start ups. Start ups are the crew that meets at 6am to start up all the lifts and check that the machinery is okay. So this week has been 4 shifts of 6am starts. Which means I have to get up at 5am. This week was really hard because I'm sick and had to get up that early. Today is finally my friday though, so I am pretty happy! Next weeks schedule says four more 6am starts, so I am enjoying being able to sleep in the following three days!! 
6am starts are not so bad though. I have been snowmobiled to work some days, which is SO AWESOME. Other days I've had to start up the gondola and that's the worst thing in the world. 
Also it only takes about half an hour to finish the start up, which usually means (if I've been snowmobiled up to a lift near Catskinner) that I get to just sit and relax until my crew comes up and we can start up our lift. So it's basically an hour pay for not as much work. 

Parties has been limited the past two weeks. Mainly because I've become friends with a snowboard instructor and we've been snowboarding together to make me better, so I've turned down partying to avoid being hungover. I also caught that cold so I've been sleeping so much the past week. 
We did have our first rounds night and it was awesome. Rounds is a lifty thing. Basically if you screw up at work, your colleagues can call rounds on you. Then you have to buy a jug of beer and pour them a glass of beer at a rounds night. It comes to be a LOT of free beer by the end of the night and things gets pretty wild and hilarious.
So far I've done a couple of things that could be called rounds on. I have to admit they're legit, haha.
First rounds: Being taken out by my own chair. Twice.
Second rounds: Shoveling snow of a chair for my collaegues but not removing it fast enough so one of them sat down on it and brought it with him up. 
Third rounds: I actually forgot, but know that there is one. Probably for falling over. 
Fourth rounds: Sweeping snow of chairs with broom, then losing broom on chair. I had to call down and tell Kieran that I lost the broom to the chair and he instantly called rounds on me and declared that if the broom didn't make it down it would be a double rounds. Luckily for me it made it down, haha. 

Holy shit. I never thought I could improve SO much on such a short time. As mentioned before I got a friend who's a snowboard instructor and he is so helpful. Apparently he believes I have potential to be like REALLY good, so he forces me to constantly watch snowboard movies and we go out just the two of us to only work on my skills. It's really hard but so awesome and in just a week I went from only being able to carve to be able to (and to like it!!!) hit sidehits, small kickers and boxes. Still only 50/50's but shit am I proud of myself, haha. I will be bringing my gopro up on saturday so hopefully I will be able to show you guys how my snowboarding looks after a couple of weeks of snowboarding!! 

I'm not sure if I have anymore to add at this moment so to wrap things up, here are some pictures of life in Whistler: 
First snowboarding day of the year!!

Burger celebration

On the way up to Whistler the day after with Chloe

Don't we look excited?

Epic day of riding with the following idiots ( <3 ):


From left: Stokesy, Trubsy and Laurie(sy) haha

And that's what your knees look like after a day of riding with those guys

Office view, fuck yeah

Or maybe not...

Trubsy being gangstah with my helmet

Epic gullasch in bread bowl

The view from #409 on a bluebird day with new snow

Can you tell it's Christmas  in Whistler?

Epic day of riding with Trubsy

On our way down from Whistler peak in the sickest fog ever known to mankind 

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